Monday, December 18, 2017

Silked & Stained new single official video "Anytime, Anywhere"

Silked & Stained feel proud to present you their third single and second Official Music Video called "Anytime Anywhere"!

"Anytime Anywhere" has been taken from the album "Love On The Road" released 18 December 2017 through Lions Pride Music worldwide on CD and digital.
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Produced, Mixed & Mastered by: Dionisis Christodoulatos/ CFN Recordings Studio
Directed by: Themis Fad Ioannou / RawRec

Silked & Stained are:
Bill Tsaklidis - Vocals, Keyboards
Tony Gavalas - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tommy Fotiadis - Bass
Orpheus Lazz - Drums, Backing Vocals

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Saturday, December 16, 2017


Yep, here we are once again at the end of 2017 for the annual music awards of Heavy Paradise, The Paradise Of Melodic Rock. Musically speaking, this year was, again, another great year with many and great releases. The decision of the final Top 20 list was, for another year,  hard to take. But finally the lists are ready, the decisions have been taken and below you can read the Top Heavy Paradise's Lists of 2017. 

At this point, as always, I have to give my credits, first of all, to each and one of you that support, in any possible way, this web-zine through the years. So, my huge thank you goes to the readers of H.P. (FB, Twitter e.t.c.), to the bands/musicians, labels, promoters and the list goes on and on. Thank you!!! 

So, here we go...................................


#1. (ONE DESIRE, ONE DESIRE) And the 'oscar' for the best album of 2017 goes to ONE DESIRE!! Yes this amazing release blew my mind at once and was in a regular (daily) basis in my cd player. Superb songs, amazing performances and in general an album that will be a future classic in my book. 

#2. (ECLIPSE, MONUMENTUM) It wouldn't be a top list without these Swedes! "Monumentum" is just a killer release from Eclipse. Killer songs in it, a tight as hell musicianship and everything here is PERFECT!!! 

3#. (ART NATION, LIBERATIONArt Nation with "Liberation" delivers an ultra-catchy, impressive, powerful and extremely melodic album!!! "Liberation" is a melodic rock piece of an art that can't be missed by any fan of bands such as Eclipse, H.E.A.T. and Dynazty!!!! 

#4. (SANTA CRUZ, BAD BLOOD RISING). "....this new album by Santa Cruz really smokes!! Bigger hooks, catchier choruses, heavy guitars and tons of attitude are all here to make your blood pumpin' and your head banging for days!!!! PURE FUCKIN' ADRENALINE!!!!! "

#5. (PINK CREAM 69, HEADSTRONG). Pink Cream 69 is back with just a killer album all the way! "Headstrong" is just the album that every die-hard fan of Pink Cream 69 asked for; power, melody, attitude, great arrangements, superb guitars, soulful performances and a tight as hell musicianship! Top release!!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

REVIEW : Ammunition --- Ammunition (Frontiers Music s.r.l. RELEASE DATE :26 January 2018)

A couple of years back, the amazing band of AMMUNITION made its appearance and made an impact in the melodic hard rock scene. Leaded by WIG WAM's shouter Age Sten Nilsen, ECLIPSE's mastermind Erik MĂ„rtensson, bassist Victor Cito Borge, Lasse FinbrĂ„ten (Circus Maximus, ex-Wig Wam), Magnus Ulfstedt (Eclipse), and the exceptional guitar player Jon Pettersen, Ammunition has made a name for themselves as an incredible live act.

SMASH INTO PIECES : Multiple award-winning, Swedish electro/rock-export are back with a new single.

As one of one of Scandinavias most intriguing, mystical and explosive live acts - SMASH INTO PIECES with it´s founder and leader ”The Apocalypse DJ” has caught the attention of the crowd live as well as on social medias. Executing Skydives in live-television, showing of The Apocalypse Djs Parkour moves / Dance-skills or Fighting capability seems likely to be a normal day at the SIP office.
Listen here:


Friday, December 8, 2017

RANDOM EYES Reveal 'Grieve No More' Album Details, Video Teaser Posted

Finnish metal band, RANDOM EYES, will release their fourth album 'Grieve No More' on January 19, 2018 via Rock’N’Growl Records. The album includes 10 tracks and was produced by Christian Palin (Panorama, ex-Adagio) and mixed/mastered by Angelo Buccolieri. RANDOM EYES have released a video teaser, which can be viewed here:

The cover artwork was made by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art (Soil, Flotsam & Jetsam, Fury, Kissin' Dynamite, Bloodstock Festival).

SAVAGE MACHINE Reveal 'Abandon Earth' Album Details, Video Teaser Posted

Danish old school heavy metal band, SAVAGE MACHINE, will release their first full-lenght album 'Abandon Earth' on January 19, 2018. The album is produced, mixed and mastered Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn, Pretty Maids) at Jailhouse Studios. A video teaser can be viewed here:
The cover artwork was made by Mario E. Lopez M. (Iron Maiden, Megadeth, King Diamond, Metal Church).

Breaking News Wild Rose - Half Past Midnight (Re-Issue 2018) | Lions Pride Music

Lions Pride Music feels proud to announce the re-issue of the A.O.R. masters Wild Rose "Half Past Midnight"! 7 years after their debut album has been released and 5 years since it's complete sold out ; Wild Rose - Half Past Midnight will be released on 28 February 2018 in a limited 500 Compact Disc (CD) press.

Label: Lions Pride Music
Cat. Number: LPM057
Release Date: 28 February 2018

Tracklist: 01. 00:30, 02. That Girl, 03. Hold Me, 04. Too Late, 05. Goodbye, 06. Come Back, 07. Fire In The Night, 08. Want You Back, 09. Another Shot, 10. It's All About Love, 11. Edge Of Your Dreams, 12. Feel My Love (Alien Cover Bonus Track), 13. I Want Your Love ( Acoustic Bonus Track).


"After the release of their latest album "4" which was claimed album of the year in Spain on December 2016 (Viri AOR), Wild Rose hit the road in support of their latest masterpiece "4" and completed their headline "4 Mediterranean Tour 2016 - 2017" which included headline appearences in "Polinerooock Festival IX in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Sleaze n' Roll Festival in Athens, Hellas" and once again took the applause of the crowds.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

REVIEW : Kickin Valentina --- Imaginary Creatures (2017)

Kickin Valentina plays energetic, up-lifting and in-your-face rock 'n' roll and "Imaginary Creatures" is entitled their newest effort. The well-known producer/engineer Andy Reilly (Bruce Dickinson, UFO, Asia, The Quireboys) helped them, once again, with "Imaginary Creatures" and the sure thing is that the result will please each and one of you that loves rock 'n' roll with tons of attitude.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

REVIEW : Panorama --- Around The World (ROAR ! Rock Of Angels Records, 2018)

Panorama is a new and, believe me, exciting melodic hard rock band that consists of Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Gus G, Unisonic) on bass/producer, Christian Palin (Random Eyes, ex Adagio) on vocals, Sammy Lasagni (Gods of Silence, ex Kirk, ex Godiva) on Guitars, Ben Varon (Amoral, ex Grease Helmet) on Guitars and Philipp Eichenberger (Gods of Silence, ex Kirk) on drums.

King's Call - Cry On The Wind [ft. Michael Bormann & Tony Carey] Official Track

Lions Pride Music feels proud to present you the second single official music track of their latest release "King's Call - Showdown" called "Cry On The Wind".

King's Call :
Alex Garoufalidis: Vocals, Guitars
Chris Tsangarides: Bass, Keys
Asec Bergemann: Drums

Special guests:
Michael Bormann: Lead & Backing vocals
Tony Carey: Keyboards

Saturday, December 2, 2017

REVIEW : SILKED & STAINED --- LOVE ON THE ROAD (Lions Pride Music, 2017)

It seems like the good bands from Greece are gettin' more and more these days. The last strike is with a band from that is called Silked & Stained. The band is hailing from Athens, Greece, and "Love On The Road" is entitled its debut album through Lions Pride Music

Friday, December 1, 2017

REVIEW : Blood Red Saints -- Love Hate Conspiracies (26 January 2018, AOR Heaven)

Back in 2015 Blood Red Saints released their debut album, "Speedway", that left me hungry for more. A damn well-played, well-crafted and solid slice of pure melodic hard rock bliss. For sure one of the best debuts of that day that is still in a regular basis in my cd player.